The Community

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We now offer Celtic Christian retreats-visit the “space to breathe retreat” page to find out more!

We are a Celtic Christian Community that meets out on Salisbury Plain to walk and worship in God’s creation, a non-denominational community of people who believe in:

  • A triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The priesthood of all believers
  • The Bible as the inspired word of God
  • Everyday being God’s day
  • Christianity being about relationship with God, your OWN relationship
  • Life being about choices
  • The cross of Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins so we could approach God again
  • Jesus being the gateway to the whole of God
  • God speaking directly to His People today
  • Supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit being given for the building up of the church
  • The devil seeking to counterfeit and confuse
  • Our call as individuals to be spiritual warriors at a time of great darkness in the world
  • God being more easily found in the glory of His creation than a building made by man
  • The power of God to save, heal and deliver
  • The power of blessing

We meet on the open Plain and in people’s homes to┬ápraise, worship, pray and seek God’s will for our lives.

We choose to live as people of the kingdom of God in a redeemed world.

Plain Church seeks to test and search previously held beliefs about what church is and does.

We also demonstrate our faith through our charity, God Unlimited.

If you’d like to come along or ask any more questions, please phone the charity on 01980 621712 and┬átalk to Sue (one of our Church members).