Counting your blessings…

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Today it is summer! Blue sky, warm sun, small fluffy clouds and hay being baled. But by next week, or even tomorrow in our changeable country, it might not be summer anymore. On the whole in Britain we are good at “making hay while the sun shines” as they say and, if the weather changes, well, we picnic in the rain with our coats on!

A member of Plain Church was at work at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre recently when a tourist complained about the rain. The church member wisely said that the reason Britain was so green was because it rained often enough to keep it that way. If this story was a “fluffy “ one, like the little clouds, the tourist would have seen the truth and gone away rejoicing, but it isn’t, and they didn’t, they went away to enjoy grumbling and complaining about the rain.

The village gardens are looking wonderful at the moment, full of colour and growing well, ready for the Flower Show and the open season on Jam making.

Salisbury Plain is also looking wonderful with wild flower meadows, miles of waving grasslands and the larks back in the sky. Plain Church walks on the Plain every Sunday morning and we can leave the flower arrangements to The Lord. The Lord’s wild flower meadows are a good example of healthy community living. They have variety, colour, wonderful scents, different flowering times and different roles. He made them like this, a celebration of difference, and they need rain to thrive.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians living in Rome saying, “There’s no difference between Jew and non Jew, the same Lord is the Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him”. The Lord doesn’t appear to favour one flower more than another, He sends rain equally on them all. So let’s count our blessings, naming rain as one and not living in Syria as another. If, however, you don’t feel you have any blessings to count why not take Paul’s advice, call on the Lord and look out for the blessings as they appear.

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