Faith or Faithfulness, Chickens or Eggs

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Plain Church on Sunday examined the above and discovered that the Chicken in this case is the faithfulness of God. Through the faithfulness of God, a central part of his character and one that He has demonstrated faithfully from the beginning of time, He creates a situation in which we, as Christians, can chose faith. Faith, being certain of what we hope for rather than vague.

We, as Christians, depend on His faithfulness. Without it there would have been no Jesus. What if God had got bored of man and his continuing rebellion and gave up on His creation? But He didn’t because He was faithful to His word and Jesus came. Jesus the ultimate sign of God’s faithfulness in whom we have faith because he is faithful and who we try to follow.

Once we have chosen the path of faith we subsequently chose to become Christ like. To look towards the Lord Jesus and learn from Him the paths we should walk. This therefore grows the character within us which is more like the God in whose image we have been created. Such a character as discussed here is faithfulness. So the ‘Chicken and Egg’ conundrum is as follows: the faithfulness of God being the chicken gives rise to the chick of faith in us which in turn produces the faithfulness of God in us. Let us hope and pray that this gives rise to the ‘Chicken of Faith’ in those whose paths we cross.

On Sunday, Plain Church whilst walking out on Salisbury Plain on the most glorious of days stood at a cross roads. Whilst there we considered the meaning of ‘Ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and find rest for your souls.’ (JEREMIAH 6.16), and chose to do that for ourselves and for our communities and for those with whom we walk on a daily basis.

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