Space to Breathe

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Plain Church, in partnership with God Unlimited, is now able to offer individuals and groups “Space to Breathe”.

Our retreats are based at The Bustard at the heart of Salisbury Plain and offer residents a programme of teaching and fellowship in the Great Outdoors. To visit a Space to Breathe retreat is to put aside the world for a time and focus on building your relationship with the Lord.

Titles of some teaching topics are :

  • God’s Cathedral – learning to worship outdoors
  • The Endless Knot
  • Celtic Spirituality
  • Thin Places
  • The Well – personal healing and re-charging
  • Swords & Shields

The above titles are just suggestions and we tailor each retreat to address the needs of each individual or group.

Our current Space to Breathe retreat dates are as follows:

  • 13-15th March
  • 17-19th April
  • 5-7th June
  • 17-19th July
  • 14-16th August
  • 18-20th September
  • 16-18th October
  • 13-15th November

A Space to Breathe retreat costs us in the region of £15 per person per night. We’d like to encourage you to give as much as you feel able to the charity that we support, God Unlimited Therapy Centre (, in lieu of payment for attending a retreat.